Presentation: How to Write Pythonic Code

The topic was interesting enough for me to investigate. But what I found in addition to a nice presentation was the way it was made.

In case anybody wonders how the slides were produced: I creatd them using, a tool included in the docutils distribution that takes a reST source document and turns it into HTML suitable for the browser-based S5 slide show system. I also integrated Pygments to colorize the Python source code of the examples.

Link to the whole tool chain along with templates here.

3 thoughts on “Presentation: How to Write Pythonic Code

  1. Very useful. I even remember some sets of scripts that integrates inkscape. ok, but I could be wrong.

  2. Thanks for the post. I saw the slides in google After seeing your post. So came to know about the scripts first and slides later.

    Interesting blog you’ve got.

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