Relentless Predator Upon the Obsolete

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…a combination of relentless predator upon the obsolete and benevolent solver of the world’s problems. As ways of making money go, that’s pretty good. Startups are often ruthless competitors, but they’re competing in a game won by making what people want. This is such a cool way to think about startups. I like the image […]

A HeroCamp?

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I attended a BarCamp at Chennai last week. I forgot to turn off alerts to the barcamp pbwik and keep getting notifications of new barcamps  I got one on (Super)HeroCamp and it piqued my curiosity. It is one of the more innovative BarCamps I have seen in a while. Here is an excerpt titled “Smaller […]

LinkLog: What Kind of Software Would People Actually Pay For?

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A great blog post and a discussion thread on reddit. Some snippets (read the blog for a very insightful discussion): Software that re-defines a category (Google and Amazon come to mind) Software that saves businesses (and individuals) money (figuring out the benefits to your customer) Software that helps business earn more money (making it compelling) […]

Why, How and Why Not?

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As children, we are always questioning people. As we grow older, we question less and less and accept more.  Corinne Miller, suggests that this may be because of the perception that asking questions is a sign weakness and describes how we can change this. “What’s your favorite question? Over the years we’ve found that the […]