RDBMS: Tired Software?

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Michael Stonebraker calls RDBMs “Tired Software”. Stonebraker is a well known guru in the DBMS community. As the architect of Berkeley Ingres, Postgres, Illustra and Streambase, he has been constantly innovating in the database space. So when he speaks, a lot of us listen. If you are a database developer or designer, this article on […]

Python: Evolutionary Computing, API for Structured Data, Interface to R Language…

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Python Alerts from InfoStreams: ecspy 0.1 A framework for creating evolutionary computations in Python. pyroutes A small WSGI wrapper for creating small python web apps zopyx.convert2 2.0.3 A Python interface for the conversion of HTML to PDF, RTF, DOCX, WML and ODT) – belongs to zopyx.smartprintng.core pyutil 1.3.34 a collection of mature utilities for […]