LinkLog: When Do You Ponder a Change?

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I really liked this post from Dharmesh – Failure Is Not The Worst Outcome, Mediocrity Is, especially this para. How do you know whether you’re stuck in a quagmire? Isn’t startup success often about persistence and focus? What if that break-out success is just around the corner. Those are good questions. The simple answer is: There are no simple answers. […]

Marketing Resources

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I just found these and was reading them. Not sure how I stumbled upon them. But will try to keep it growing. If you have good reads in this space, please add them in the comments.    Four steps to a better marketing plan Map the buying process with five questions 9 Ways To Make […]

Business of Software

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I was watching this video today. If you are a small startup (typically bootstrapped), this is a must watch. Here are some notes: Keep the Momentum We work on projects that are chunked in smaller bits Planning is vastly over rated We don’t do road maps We do not write  functional specifications ( They lead […]

Relentless Predator Upon the Obsolete

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…a combination of relentless predator upon the obsolete and benevolent solver of the world’s problems. As ways of making money go, that’s pretty good. Startups are often ruthless competitors, but they’re competing in a game won by making what people want. This is such a cool way to think about startups. I like the image […]