My Favorite Forecasts

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Here are my favorites from  PC World’s 100 Fearless Forecasts. Accurate Speech Recognition The Modular PC 50 Terabytes DVDs (cool if they can be updateable too) Flexible Displays Affordable E-Book Reader Some of the forecasts are a little disappointing. I think they are aiming too low (like the 8 hour batteries).

I Like the New Google Reader

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I like the new Google Reader. I have been using it since yesterday. I am still exploring it a bit. But I think it kind of feels cool. I especially like the ability to add new tags to blog entries. The UI feels just right. I like the sharing option. Need to try to put […]

Invisible Engines

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It is about software and the impact of software platforms on economy and how they create multi-sided markets. Think of software platforms as ring leaders of ecosystems in which a few or many companies can participate to reach users. multi-sided markets as platforms that serve two or more distinct groups of customers who value each […]


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Wikis are rapidly becoming popular. They are also morphing, slowly. If you look at JotSpot, it is not much like the original Wiki from Ward. They are serving a larger community and becoming repositories of useful information. Wikipedia definitely did a great job of increasing awareness of wikis. Now there are WikiQuotes, WikiBooks, WikiMedia and […]


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The Institute for Play promotes Play To Learn. A PlaySpace is an area where you can learn by exploring. While we encourage it in the early part of education (PlaySchools), we seem to drop it as a complement to the more traditional learning methods. Incorporating play into learning is not easy. First there is the […]

Seven Reasons I use Wikipedia

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About a couple of months ago we were discussing about Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britanica. My brother-in-law was wondering why people would use Wikipedia instead of the Encyclopedia Britanica (which is perceived to be more accurate). I can cite my reasons. Wikipedia is accessible (if you have access to internet) Wikipedia is more easily searchable (if […]

Wiki Text Books

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Wiki Text Books is a project from Global Text to bring 1000  free text books to the world. Free textbooks for everyone—that’s the goal of the Global Text Project, an initiative spearheaded by Rick Watson, a professor in the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. Watson’s goal is to produce a library of 1,000 […]