Program For The Future

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Over the next few days, I will be blogging about Program For the Future Conference. Since the essence of the event is Collective Intelligence, I would love to have many of you follow it and share your ideas. I will be participating from Chennai, India. You can participate from anywhere through Twitter, FriendFeed, Slideshare, Blogs […]

Wiki Trends

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 This is an article I wrote for I.T. Magazine. It appears in their Nov 07 issue. They were kind enough to let me put this on my blog. Wiki Trends You have probably heard about wikis; some of you have probably used Wikipedia or other wikis. In this article, we assume that you know a […]

Corporate Social Networks

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If you are a member of any type of social network, you probably understand the ease with which you can stay connected with friends and colleagues. In addition, you can discover new groups, communities and applications. This is exactly what is happening to me in Facebook. I see the applications they add, the communities they […]

OpenAJAX Gets Stronger

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Since first formed, OpenAJAX seems to have gained a lot of support (70+ members). One of the most visible recent events, is Microsoft and Google joining the OpenAJAX alliance in addition to a host of other members. The Alliance, an industry collaboration whose purpose is to develop and expand the use of Ajax, said it […]

Improve Where Appropriate

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Improve Where Appropriate, is one of the Rules of Engagement, I like from Orcas blog on the best practices of joining a Development team. Some of the concepts of improvement (using wikis, maintaining a programming journal) have long term rewards, it is more work initially. So to “improve where appropriate”, we may also need to […]

Want to Test WikiCalc?

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 Dan Bricklin the original inventor of spreadsheets and the author of WikiCalc,  is looking for help in testing WikiCalc 0.96 beta. I really need help testing this product. I’d really appreciate it if people would test it out soon. I need testing of the functions to make sure the calculated values are correct. I need […]