LinkLog: Components 101

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Components 101 Not all components are created equal. Whether you’re shopping for existing components or creating your own, there are five characteristics that all good components share. Sound interaction design Clean code Ready to use Easy to configure Well documented via What made VB popular in 90s was the availability of rich interactive components […]

LinkLog: Meaningful Innovation: Whether to Design or Evolve?

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Many of the interesting challenges in computer science, nanotechnology, and synthetic biology entail the construction of complex systems. As these systems transcend human comprehension, will we continue to design them or will we increasingly evolve them? As we design for evolvability, the locus of learning shifts from the artifacts themselves to the process that created […]

Recommender Documentation – Apache Mahout – Apache Software Foundation

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A Mahout-based collaborative filtering engine takes users’ preferences for items (“tastes”) and returns estimated preferences for other items. For example, a site that sells books or CDs could easily use Mahout to figure out, from past purchase data, which CDs a customer might be interested in listening to. Mahout provides a rich set of components […]