If You Know How to Program…

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Recently I have come across a slightly different view of programming. In this view, programming is used as a way of learning Mathematics and other topics. The premise of books in the Think X series is that if you know how to program, you can use that skill to learn other topics. from Think Bayes […]

LinkLog: Do What You Love

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From a Non-Programmer’s Apology, Aaron produces one of the best articles I have read – “To be or not to be” a programmer. Learning is like compound interest. A little bit of knowledge makes it easier to pick up more. Knowing what addition is and how to do it, you can then read a wide […]

Best to Market…

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According to Alan Cooper, the “best to market, trumps first to market”. He gives the following examples. An ergonomic peeler versus a dinky metal peeler Some clunky MP3 player versus the iPod AltaVista versus Google His advice to Interaction Designers, whom he was addressing at this conference: We need to stop asking for permission and […]

LinkLog: Programming

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From the food pyramid: for the journeyman programmer It is a great way to structure: Teaching Software Development Training new employees (the environmental training is equally important) A way to understand how developers do in various activities For each project move from bottom to top and repeat Other activities, like reading and writing about programming […]

Recognizing Software Metaphors

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Chris Wood has a great blog post on Software Development Metaphors. He lists a set of software metaphors under broad categories like: Traditional Software Development Metaphors Software Development as a Factory Software Development as Engineeing Software Development as Model/Architecture Software Development as Workflow Process Radical Software Development Metaphors: Software Development as Craft Software Development as […]