Curious about Curiosity?

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After reading a paper on Psychology of Curiosity (a pointer from Dan Heath), I was curious to find out whether there was test for curiosity. I  found this test and read the opening paragraph. Being intellectually curious is all about asking questions, not about having answers. It’s about believing in the pursuit of knowledge as […]

Fuji’s 3D Camera and other innovations

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One of the Top 50 Innovations of 2009 recognized by Times Magazine. Fujifilm, introduced a 3-D digital camera: the FinePix Real 3D W1. The 10-megapixel FinePix has two lenses, set about as far apart as human eyes, which snap shots of an object from slightly different angles.  The full list of innovations are here. Posted […]

Six Types of Social Media Tools

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Six types of social media tools: Blogging Podcasting Creating Online videos (including sketch casting and Screen casting) Social networking (participating in popular ones like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as creating your own using Ning) Message boards and comment forums (like Disqus) Using Wikis (both public as well as private) to share knowledge externally and […]

LinkLog: Half Life of News

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This is an amazing article. One of those insights compounded by a rich set of comments: The news is being spread in all kinds of vectors: Other news organizations get it and it’s masticated and repeated in print (slow), On broadcast (faster), On websites (faster), By aggregators (faster), By conversation (aka Twitter – getting faster […]


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Readability makes your reading web pages easier and better and completely uncluttered. It removes all the clutter surrounding the text in the page to make reading simpler and easier. It is a bookmarklet It is open source with Apache license I tried it with a few pages and the experience was amazing Posted via email […]