Inventing the Future

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Alan Kay once said that “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. It is always nice to see efforts to invent the future. Some are small with near term potential and some are large ambitious once. Here are just a couple, I came across today in a mail I received from […]

LinkLog: Future of Learning

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This is from a blog about Stephen Downes seminar in Malaysia on how to use Web 2.0 tools for learning.  It has great links to lots of useful resources for both learners and teachers too. I especially liked the part about Future Learning Directions Learning as Creation Social Learning Personal Learning Environments Immersive Learning Living […]

Do one tiny doable thing

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I don’t make New Year resolutions (stopped a while ago). But if I had to make one, this is what I would do – Write down the future I want and do one tiny doable thing every day. Fortunately, I am already doing something very close. So it should not be a difficult leap. Here […]

Digital Generation

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We watched a TV program two days ago titled The Next Generation on CNN. It was a fascinating study of the values, interests and the optimism of the next generation. Next Generation is also known as Generation Y, Digital Generation, Net Generation or Digital Natives. Here are some traits described by Intuit Future of Small […]

The New Web

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This is probably one of the best blogs/columns I read this year. After reading it, I sat thinking about how true it all is. The New Web is just the beginning. Just like the Web before, this will change almost everything we do from getting news to buying stuff to entertaining. For once, it is […]

Song Is The King

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Paul Saffo says that technologies take 20 years to arrive from invention to our home. In this entry on the significance of iPod, he says: The iPod is an extraordinary innovation — and still so misunderstood even on the fifth anniversary of its introduction on October 23, 2001. In contemplating it’s significance, it is tempting […]