A Gallery of Disruptive Technologies

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From Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy We estimate that, together, applications of the 12 technologies discussed in the report could have a potential economic impact between $14 trillion and $33 trillion a year in 2025. This estimate is neither predictive nor comprehensive. It is based on an in-depth […]

New Computing Revolution, 25 Small Steps to Innovation, Skilled Observation

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A few great recent links from Cognitive Design Will baby Watson Create a Cognitive Revolution? IBM believes success with Watson in multiple domains will trigger a new computing revolution, one focused on cognitive computing systems. Such systems will do for knowledge work what the early data oriented systems did for transactional work.  The goal is […]

The Physical World Is Becoming a Type of Information System

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From McKinsey’s Internet of Things and the Future of Manufacturing In what’s called the Internet of Things,1 the physical world is becoming a type of information system—through sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects and linked through wired and wireless networks via the Internet Protocol. In manufacturing, the potential for cyber-physical systems to improve productivity […]