Information and Intelligence

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What Intelligence do you need as a company? Here are some ways of looking at intelligence you need to gather to stay competitive. Market/Industry Intelligence You need an idea of your marketplace, players in the space. You need to identify potential  competition and  partners. While you gather information about your marketplace, you may also want […]

InfoStreams Python Alerts Aug 18th 2010

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Here are alerts from tracking Python on InfoStreams (took out two entries for job alerts) There are 17 results for your Alert titled: Python lettuce 0.1.11lettuce 0.1.11 Behaviour Driven Development for python pyenchant 1.6.3pyenchant 1.6.3 Python bindings for the Enchant spellchecking system A multithreaded, concurrent version of map() (Python)A multithreaded, concurrent version of map() (Python) Python […]

Enhanced E-books

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I don’t really want my fictional characters to sing and dance while I am reading a novel. Having said that, I would love some animations in Science Fiction books. I would love to see some animations in technical books. Imagine that you are reading a chapter on a four stroke engine. Won’t it be nice, […]