LinkLog: Basic Research

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Some good reasons for doing basic research even in hard economic times from Micorosft Research: Many people across industry, and even some in academia, misunderstand the reasons for investing in long-term basic research.  Too often people equate basic research with its outcomes, especially the new technologies and products it creates.  They then try to manage […]

InfoStream: Multi-core

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How SonicWall Scaled Multicore Barriers How SonicWall Scaled Multicore Barriers How multicore processors can provide a big win Parallel Processing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Parallel Processing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software that helps engineers in the manufacturing or prototyping of product components OpenMP Workshop Presentations Online OpenMP Workshop Presentations Online 5th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP 2009, […]

LinkLog: Seven Principles of Knowledge

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From Cognitive Edge: Knowledge can only be volunteered it cannot be conscripted. We only know what we know when we need to know it. In the context of real need few people will withhold their knowledge. Everything is fragmented. Tolerated failure imprints learning better than success. The way we know things is not the way […]

Internet of Things

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About 3 or 4 years ago, I cam across an Intel presentation on the web,  which predicted the spread of internet of things. Today,  I came across a fascinating  document that describes an European Initiative for Internet of Things. One major next step in this development is to progressively evolve from a network of interconnected […]

SLA2009: The Expected and the UnExpected

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When I attend a conference, I look forward to three things: To learn from peers and experts To network with people who share similar interests To meet new people, hear about new products and have some pleasant surprises I just came back from SLA2009 in Washinton DC and here are some pleasant surprises: The keynote. […]

To Conference or Unconference?

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In our first unconference session at  SLA2009, we talked about a lot of things. But most of the discussion centered around conferences vs unconferences. Meg Smith did a wonderful job of moderating it. She took lots of notes and promised to put them up on the SLA Wiki. So what is an unconference?  The Wikipedia […]