Games for Learning

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From the Institute of Play On Games for Learning Education in the early part of the twentieth century tended to focus on the acquisition of basic skills and content knowledge, like reading, writing, calculation, history or science. Many experts believe that success in the twenty-first century depends on education that treats higher order skills, like […]

LinkLog: A for Apps

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This is a learning trend to watch. Here is an article from Fast Company titled A for Apps. When the Singer sisters were just 6 months old, they already preferred cell phones to almost any other toy, recalls their mom, Fiona Aboud Singer: “They loved to push the buttons and see it light up.” The […]

LinkLog: Japanese Envy India’s Schools

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I was surprised to see this article in today’s New York Times. Newspapers carry reports of Indian children memorizing multiplication tables far beyond nine times nine, the standard for young elementary students in Japan. I do recall even about 40 years ago, we were encouraged to memorize multiplication tables up to 20 times 20 (though […]