This Book Isn’t For Every One

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I love it when a book starts with a no-nonsense paragraph like this: This book isn’t for everyone. Not everyone needs to program computers. There is a popular myth that if you aren’t “computer literate,” whatever that means, then you’ll flunk out of college, you’ll never get a job, and you’ll be poor and miserable […]

LearnNet: Solving the Meta Problem

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I worked on a presentation for The Program For The Future. I did not get to present it due to some technical difficulties. This initiative is inspired by several ideas we were working on with Doug. [slideshare id=831175&doc=software-academy-a-presentation-for-pftf-1228798019423468-8&w=425] Will be happy to answer any questions. The presentation assumes knowledge of several ideas of Doug Engelbart […]

Program For The Future

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Over the next few days, I will be blogging about Program For the Future Conference. Since the essence of the event is Collective Intelligence, I would love to have many of you follow it and share your ideas. I will be participating from Chennai, India. You can participate from anywhere through Twitter, FriendFeed, Slideshare, Blogs […]

ThinkLog: Simplicity

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One of my friends shared this wonderful link about Simplicity on his Facebook profile. Here are the ten laws of simplicity by John Maeda. Reduce – The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction Organize – Organization makes a system of many appear fewer Saving Time – Savings in time feel like simplicity […]