The Element: On Common Sense, Imagination, Creativity and Finding Our Element

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If you are intensely curious about the relationship between  Creativity, Imagination, Flow, Intelligence and Finding your passion, The Element by Ken Robinson is a must read. Ever since I first heard Ken Robinson’s TED talk, I was hooked to his ideas. Almost everything he said resonated with me and I could not consume enough of […]

LinkLog: Open IDEO Challenge

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This is information worth spreading. Here is the current Open IDEO Challenge: How might we better collectively solve problems facing our neighbourhoods? How might communities look out for each other more? How might we provide a safe space for positive and constructive action? How might we help passive citizens become active contributors? How might the […]

BookLog: The Laws of Subtraction

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From the book description of The Laws of Subtraction: 6 Simple Rules… What Isn’t There Can Often Trump What Is The Simplest Rules Create the Most Effective Experience Limiting Information Engages the Imagination Creativity Thrives Under Intelligent Constraints Break Is the Important Part of Breakthrough Doing Something Isn’t Always Better Than Doing Nothing Fascinating. The […]