Breadcrumbs in Vista

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I switched to a new laptop a few weeks ago. It came with Vista. My first instinct was to reformat the hard disk and put back Windows XP. But I changed my mind and decided to try it. I have not decided whether I like it or not. I am going to live with it […]

A Nice Touch

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I went to Google calendar to plan the week. On the top right hand corner, I noticed a little a link New Features. And there it is – a list of new features of Google calendar. I don’t recall when I last used the calendar, but it is nice to know that something new is […]

Little Programs

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Some times you start somewhere and end up in unexpected places on the Web. This one of those little journeys. A few clicks of the mouse. A few minutes of reading. I really like Hackety Hack. It is time someone picked a simple model to encourage people to try out little snippets of code and […]