Six Types of Social Media Tools

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Six types of social media tools: Blogging Podcasting Creating Online videos (including sketch casting and Screen casting) Social networking (participating in popular ones like LinkedIn and Facebook as well as creating your own using Ning) Message boards and comment forums (like Disqus) Using Wikis (both public as well as private) to share knowledge externally and […]

Resources: How To

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Some interesting resources on how to do things and how things work – words, pictures and videos. Pick your favorite media for learning. 5Min Life Videopedia HowCast – Shows you how The How To manual you can edit eHow – How to do just about everything How to do things How Stuff Works

It is a River…

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“It is a river, not a reservoir” from A guide to the overwhelmed: Part-II.  Rob articulates what most of us feel, so well. One of the greatest and most depressing moments of enlightenment that ever dropped itself on me was the realization that I was not going to learn everything I wanted to learn in […]

Why, How and Why Not?

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As children, we are always questioning people. As we grow older, we question less and less and accept more.  Corinne Miller, suggests that this may be because of the perception that asking questions is a sign weakness and describes how we can change this. “What’s your favorite question? Over the years we’ve found that the […]