LinkLog: Neoteny

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When we are young, we learn, we socialize, we play, we experiment, we are curious, we feel wonder, we feel joy, we change, we grow, weimagine, we hope. In adulthood, we are serious, we produce, we focus, we fight, we protect and we believe in things strongly. by Joi Ito in What Matters Now Posted […]

Four freedoms of work

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If we want engagement, and the mediocrity busting results it produces, we have to make sure people have autonomy over the four most important aspects of their work: Task – What they doTime – When they do itTechnique – How they do it Team – Whom they do it with. from Daniel H. Pink in […]

Of Practical Knowledge and Dynamics of Innovation

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Forms of Transmission of practical knowledge and its impact on the dynamics of Innovation The project's approach proceeds from the assumption that the dynamics of innovative processes are crucially affected by the distinct culture of communicating, accumulating and implementing practical knowledge. It sees that innovation benefits in a cumulative way from the circulation, access and […]

Making Things Work?

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Stumbled upon this piece while reading a reference to "Cognition In the Wild". Much of the trouble of making things work will be in communication, in getting sufficiently similar ideas of the world into everybody's head that that they agree, near enough, on how to change it, or at least so that they all know […]

BookLog: Technologies As Social Beings

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From Sketching User Experiences by Bill Buxton As technology becomes more and more pervasive, it is finding itself in increasingly diverse and specialized contexts. Te technologies that we design do not, and never will, exist in a vacuum. In any meaningful sense, they only have meaning, or relevance, in a social and physical context. And […]

Linklog: Indian Product Innovation? Why Don’t We See Much?

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From The Limitations of Jugaad by Radhika Chaada Think of the R&D labs in India for Microsoft, Adobe, GE, or any other Western company. They are considered among the best within their parent companies – but only for solving pre-determined problems. The problems themselves are conceptualised and defined in the West. When I spoke to […]

A 787 Dreamliner Virtual Postcard

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You have received a 787 Dreamliner Virtual Postcard from Dorai Thodla, celebrating the historic first flight of this game changing airplane. You can access your postcard here: Experience the 787 Dreamliner’s Historic First Flight here: If the link for the postcard did not work, copy the following url and paste it into your browser. – […]

Event Log: Computer Science Education Week

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Computer Science Education Week, December 6-12, 2009, recognizes that computing: Touches everyone’s daily lives and plays a critical role in society Drives innovation and economic growth Provides rewarding job opportunities Prepares students with the knowledge and skills they need for the 21st century You can follow the event and find more resources at @csedweek If […]