Steven Pinker: Human Intelligence

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In this TED Talk,¬† Steven Pinker talks about the way we use words, how we learn, and how we relate to others. Human Intelligence consists of: A repertoire of concepts (objects, space, time, causation, intention) useful in social, knowledge intensive species A process of metaphorical abstraction: conceptual structure bleached of its content, applied to new […]

LinkLog: The Most Important Skill

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What is the most important skill to get a lot of passionate users? From¬† You can Outspend or Out-teach The most important skill today is… teaching. Because what you believe in, you can teach. And teaching is the “killer app” for a newer, more ethical approach to marketing. While in the past, those who out-spent […]

LinkLog: Do What You Love

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From a Non-Programmer’s Apology, Aaron produces one of the best articles I have read – “To be or not to be” a programmer. Learning is like compound interest. A little bit of knowledge makes it easier to pick up more. Knowing what addition is and how to do it, you can then read a wide […]

Many Ways I Use Twitter

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I am on and off on Twitter. But of late I am more on. Here is why. I found a bunch of uses of Twitter. As a bookmarking tool (I started using it in addition to As a source for instant tech info – I follow some cool dudes like Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, […]

Programmer’s Notebook

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In mid 90s I read an article about keeping a programmer’s journal. I don’t know where the article went, but recall sharing it with a couple of my friends. I knew it had something to do with the original wiki. I finally found it. It was an entry in one of my 2001 posts in […]