List of my (most read) blogs in 2007

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It is interesting to look at the Top-20 (most read) entries in your blog and try to figure out who your readers are. Here is my list. Guess most of my readers are into technology. A few topics on innovation and intelligence seem to grab some attention too. Why I Love Python Treating Code as […]

Happy 2008

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Wishing every one a Happy New Year. There is something cool about the date Jan 1. I know it is just another day but seems to produce new hopes and a sense of anticipation. Let us hope 2008 gets to be a better year for the World.

Smart Simulation of Crowds

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The “autonomous pedestrians” designed by Terzopoulos and graduate student Wei Shao,  are governed by three different layers of behavior. A motion layer handles basic movement, such as walking, running, standing, and sitting. On top of this sits a reactive layer, which allows the characters to respond to obstacles or other characters they encounter; it also […]

Web 2.0 Elephant

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When Tim O Reilly coined the Web 2.0 term. Then the collective intelligence went to work and added their own definitions. I just came out of a Web Innovation 2007 conference in Bangalore. A bunch of us there were in a deep quest and introspection of how Web 2.0 can help the common man. But […]

Web Innovation 2007: My Awards

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This is not fair to all the speakers since I could attend only a few (switching between tech tracks and business track) and trying to stay awake after heavy lunch, I might have missed a few other gems. But of the sessions I attended here are the best in each category. The best show – […]

Web Innovations 2007: A Few Impressions

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Here are few images/impressions I am left with after two days of this conference. Marc Canter is a cool dude. He delivered what he promised before his talk – educate and entertain Some sound advice from lots of people – Don’t build yet another Social Network All great sessions had one similarity – people who […]

Web Innovation 2007: Scaling Web Applications

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On scaling Web Applications (heard in a few sessions): Failures cannot be avoided Functionality and features alone will not work Difficult to get people with end-to-end knowledge None of the elements can be ignored Many players will be involved Each layer should be able to scale independently Scale out – not scale up Build reliability […]

Web Innovation 2007: Keynotes

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Jaspreet Bindra, Country Manager India (Wow. I loved his talk.) India story is going to continue. Heavy growth in education, entertainment and communications (mobile) India is not emerging. It has already emerged in mobile space. It is a different kind of story. It is not Korea, not Japan and definitely not China. Global players will […]

Project Based Learning

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When we thought of LearningPoint, our focus was to provide Project Based Learning. Here is what Wikipedia has to say on Project Based Learning. Project-based learning, or PBL (often “PjBL” to avoid confusion with “Problem-based Learning”), is a constructivist pedagogy that intends to bring about deep learning by allowing learners to use an inquiry based […]