LinkLog: InfoStreams and Embarassingly Parallel Data Analysis Tasks

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I have been interested (but have not really done anything useful yet) in large scale data analysis. Here are some personal interests: Analyze the InfoStreams I track from Twitter, Blogs and our own Customized feeds on programming, multi-core and semantic web topics Explore Open Linked Data, visualization, connections and analysis Applying machine intelligence to understand […]

Twitter Streamgraph for Silverlight

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One of the cool things about being on Twitter is the rapid rate at which you discover new resources on the web. Just a few minutes ago, I saw  “6 Unique Twitter Visualizations” from @RSS_Buzztracker. The first thing you do, of course, is to make it a favorite and retweet it so that your […]

A Couple of Twitter Trends

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It is interesting to watch Twitter take off.  Over the past few months, I have seen increasing adoption of Twitter.  Here are a couple of trends worth mentioning. eZines on Twitter I think this is a great idea. I follow several ezines (the latest being IDG Connect). I found some of them through Twitter Search […]

Many Ways I Use Twitter

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I am on and off on Twitter. But of late I am more on. Here is why. I found a bunch of uses of Twitter. As a bookmarking tool (I started using it in addition to As a source for instant tech info – I follow some cool dudes like Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, […]