Worlds that Connect to our Words

I don’t find as much time to sit down and read a physical book. It is easy to read tweets and blogs and reddit posts. I am always there in front of the computer. It is not just a tool for working. It is also place to listen to podcasts, watch msnbc video clips of democratic primaries, catch some music and generally dream.

But I sat with the book again, and I feel compelled to get back to the machine and share a para.

A feature of the mind that we will repeatedly encounter in these pages is that even our most abstract concepts are understood in terms of concrete scenarios. That applies in full force to the subject matter of the book itself. In this introductory chapter, I will preview some of the books topics with vignettes from newspapers and the Internet that can be understood only through the lens of semantics. The come from each of the worlds that connect to our words – the worlds of thought, reality, community, emotions and social relations.

I would highly recommend starting with this video from TED