Teaching Math with Python

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Today I came across an article. Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python | Manohar Vanga A basic introduction to Western music theory using the Python programming to derive scales, chords, and modes in every key. www.mvanga.com https://www.mvanga.com/blog/basic-music-theory-in-200-lines-of-python It reminded me of a  couple of books on teaching Math and Science with Python. I […]

Top Trending Python Projects, Airflow, and Intelligent Agents

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Came across Top 10 Trending Python Projects On GitHub: 2020  and could not resist. Looking at a couple of them for our explorations in Natural Language Processing and using Games for Teaching Software. Apache Airflow Airflow pipelines are configuration as code (Python), allowing for dynamic pipeline generation. You can use it for building ML models, […]