Managing Blog Information Overload

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What do you do when you find a new blog that you like? I normally read the discovery post (the post which let me discover this blogger or blog) and try to look for other cool posts. Not an easy task. No more. Today I found  AideRSS – Feed Filter and so far, like how […]

Little Innovations: A Novel Introduction

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Beth has a novel way to ease elementary students into poetry. This may work for even older students from different cultures. This idea is so good, I am going to try it out at LearningPoint. Telling Each Students Biography In A Poetic Manner Bio Poems are a fun and easy way to ease your elementary […]

It’s Ok If You’re not Vanilla

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I have always felt that. There is a nice blog about The Golden Age of Individualism. Here are some cool ideas in this blog: Personal Brand Calculator (I actually took the test and posted it in my About page) Workplace need not have a place (I do not have one either) that personal brands will […]

Innovation is …

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Scott Berkun, Author of “The Myths of Innovation”, in an interview with Guy Kawasaki: the foundation is that ideas are combinations of other ideas. People who earn the label “creative” are really just people who come up with more combinations of ideas, find interesting ones faster, and are willing to try them out. The problem […]