Wiki Happenings

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The last ten days have seen some increased visibility of wikis. Saw the introduction to MSDN wiki. I blogged about it here. The very next day, I saw eBay's wiki announcement (based on JotSpot). This blog talks about it being the largest commercial wiki. Got an invitation for beta from WetPaint. Checking it out right […]

Flock is Cool

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I am trying a test post from Flock. So far the experience of using it is pretty good. I had no trouble importing my settings from Firefox and IE and getting started. I judge a product by the first 15 minutes of experience. This was one was smooth as silk. The first para was written […]

XML11 – An AJAX Development Methodology

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I need to thank Google for this. I watched a fascinating presentation by Arno Puder a Google TechTalk. XML11, like Google Web Toolkit, is a methodology for building AJAX applications in Java. But the similarity stops there. While Google compiles Java sources into JavaScript, XML11 does it from Java bytecode. Not having the resources of […]

Reuse rather than Reinvent

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I like this post from Tantek. In his XML Design Notes, Tantek mentions two simple thumb rules: Reuse rather than reinvent Use elements for human information, attributes for machine information In order to help people reuse (assume that they have no motives for reinventing). 1. We need to make the information and usage patterns easy […]

Microformat Search and Pingerati

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I am not sure how I missed this. Here is an announcement on Technorati of a new search/ping service for Microformats. I'm very pleased to announce the technology preview of Technorati microformats search for contacts, events and reviews, and Pingerati, a microformats ping distributor to support and grow the microformats ecosystem. Microformats are the key […]

MicroLearning, MicroKnowledge

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Found this link from Danny's post about MicroLearning Conference. I was curious about the concept so went to and found this wiki. Microlearning …is a term used in the e-learning context for a learner’s short interaction with a learning matter broken down to very small bits of content. At present this term is not […]