Communication Is the Transfer of Emotion

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From Seth’s Blog: Really Bad Powerpoint – Communication Is the Transfer of Emotion. Such a beautiful way of communicating the concept. I thought about it a bit. We use power point for lots of things other than sales. As an aid to teaching, as a mode of brainstorming (though a concept map is a better […]

Digital Generation

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We watched a TV program two days ago titled The Next Generation on CNN. It was a fascinating study of the values, interests and the optimism of the next generation. Next Generation is also known as Generation Y, Digital Generation, Net Generation or Digital Natives. Here are some traits described by Intuit Future of Small […]

An Interesting Preface

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I liked the reading the preface in this book which makes some good assumptions. I like the idea of project based learning, chunking and progressive disclosure. This book was written with a few simple assumptions in mind: that even if you’re a beginner, you are relatively intelligent and motivated, you have a general familiarity with […]

Jobs In Information

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From FreePint Newsletter: Jinfo :: Jobs in Information Junior Marketing Business Analyst Market Data Analyst Assistant Records Manager Assistant Archivist (Under Review) Corporate Finance Researchers Assistant Information Officer Health Information Scientist Assistant Records Manager I was a bit curious about some of these jobs, so I looked up one of them – The Assistant Information […]

Changing Economics Of Knowledge

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From McKinsey Trends to Watch in 2006. Yes -2006 and not 2007 yet. They all still apply for 2007 as well. New models of knowledge production, access, distribution, and ownership are emerging. We are seeing the rise of open-source approaches to knowledge development as communities, not individuals, become responsible for innovations. Knowledge production itself is […]