Plone Conference

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I was at Plone conference last week in Seattle. There is something about rubbing shoulders with hundreds of developers that keeps your energy level up. People were so engrossed in discussions of content management, configuring and installing portals, hacking Python code and it all seemed so natural. The theme of the conference was Content, Collaboration […]

I Envy Jeff

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Technical Evangelism is one of most favorite jobs. If I did not have my little startup, I would be jumping up and applying for this one. I think it is cool, because: You are interacting with customers You are telling them interesting stories (not just what your product does but also why it was built, […]

Fifteen Things That Rock in Plone 3.0

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Alex Limi’s session on Friday at PloneConf 2006. Goal is for release in Mar 2007. I am capturing it as Alex is speaking.  Plone is the most powerful CMS, I know. You can find  more info about this conference in PloneConf Wiki. Versioning (History of modifications, replaceable backend, reverting rivisions, diff between revisions) In-place Staging( […]

Our Free Pass Will Expire Soon

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 Will the need to program multi-core systems increase our awareness of existing approaches to concurrent programming? Will concurrency become an extension to the existing popular programming languages, bring about adoption of new or will become a transparent capability in the operating system? Here is an interesting look at Erlang, a language designed for concurrency and […]

Knowledge Economy

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  A fascinating entry from Think Blog. Every era has a company that defines it. We are now in the Knowledge Economy. A global multi-cultural, fast moving, unwired world with very different needs and challenges. An interesting time to be in the middle of it all.

Programming Languages Large and Small

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I found this nice discussion about functional languages in Linspire (thanks to Silicon Valley Patterns Group). Erlang: Distributed systems, massive concurrency, anything with lots of network IO (webservers, load balancers), particularly binary network protocols ML: Fast. Easy to express complex data structures. Good for theorem provers, compilers, other algebraic manipulation software. Haskell: Very strong compiler […]

A Learning Tool For Every Kid

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Ever since I read Mindstorms about 4 years ago, I was fascinated by Mathetic thinking, proposed by Seymour Papert. Papert is a living legend – the inventor of Logo and someone who predicated that students would be using computers in early sixties. Here is Judy O’Connel’s blog on Global Summit 2006 (what a cool blogid) […]