What do Product Managers do?

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The term “Product Management” evolved somewhat. For me, it was a confusing term. Product Managers (AKA PMs) did not fit into either development or marketing roles. I list three good articles that demystify Product Management. Evolution of the Product Manager The Product Manager Contribution How product managers are becoming mini CEOs There are also two […]

“Inspired” by Marty Cagan – How to Create Products Customers Love

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This book is almost everything you wanted to know about building products. Not everything. Every essential thing. This book demystifies product discovery, opportunity assessment and how you can build great products. It covers the essence of a great product culture. I just loved it.  Every product entrepreneur and product team should buy a copy. I […]

Wealth Hidden in Infinite Niches

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I am glad I am on Twitter. I don’t post relentlessly in this medium. I do keep my presence alive and mostly enjoy the connections. Once in a while a good thing happens. Some one you don’t know connects to you. You don’t know why they did, so you go out to check their profile, […]