Programmer’s Notebook

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In mid 90s I read an article about keeping a programmer’s journal. I don’t know where the article went, but recall sharing it with a couple of my friends. I knew it had something to do with the original wiki. I finally found it. It was an entry in one of my 2001 posts in […]

Vigorous Writing is Concise

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Vigorous Writing is Concise I borrowed this phrase from Jon Bentley, who in turn was quoting William Strunk Jr.’s observation in Elements of Style. Jon says that this is true in both English and Programming. In this chapter titled The Most Beautiful Code I never wrote, from the book Beautiful Code, Jon shows how you […]

Link As a Unit of Data

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From Danny’s Evolving the Link: Critics also pointed to the limitations of links that pointed in only one direction and were untyped. The Web’s success has to a large extent overridden these criticisms without really proving them wrong. Ironically, it now seems that many of the early criticisms weren’t exactly incorrect per se, but merely […]

Three Steps to Efficieny

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I was watching the video of Seven Habits of Highly Effective Text Editing. I am sucker for anything titled Seven Habits.  I use Vim (Vi improved). Vi was the first editor I started with on Unix and since there were DOS versions available, kept using it. So when I saw a session on Vim on […]