Web 3.0: Every Major Franchise on the Internet is up for Grabs

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Listening  to the podcast by Mark Pincus and Bing Gordon of Zynga. Here is the amazing part that shows up during the Q&A. They also talk about  Social ROI, Ghetto Testing and Golden Mechanics and Internet Treasures We are at the beginning of the third business plan of the internet. User buying s for stuff […]

NASSCOM Product Conclave – Best and Worst

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Best: The audience (their enthusiasm, energy and participation) The conversations in the hallways The team that put together the whole event (the vision, the untiring efforts and the ever smiling faces) Some of the outstanding speakers and panelists The balance of content and conversations Social media support and the idea of posting all videos online […]

LinkLog: Web A Platform For Humanity

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Tim Berners-Lee at Web 2.0 Summit “Technology shouldn’t tell you what’s right and what’s wrong,” Berners-Lee said. “The rule of law applies on the Web. It’s a platform for humanity.” If you want it everywhere, give it away. Consider content as app. Thanks to HTML 5, which Berners-Lee calls a competing platform more than a […]

Learning: A Few Quotes

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I was listening to an  Interview with Jerry Michalski on OEB News portal.  Jerry thinks that there are some chances for innovation in  business models in  Learning. Here are some quotes from the interview: We are going to relearn how to learn. Anybody can be a teacher (including students) since you learn better when you […]

Topics That Keep You Up All Night

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Some of the most memorable events in life all have one thing in common – Topics that keep you up all night. Discussing books and various other incidents with family till wee hours into dawn New Year eve celebrations that go into early morning where you sit with a bunch of friends and never notice […]

LinkLog: Bottom-up Learning

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Learning from the Bottom Up  from Chief Learning Officer Just as open source software represents both a threat and an opportunity for established high-tech companies, open source education will have a major impact on corporate learning strategies. Participatory learning begins from the premise that new technologies are changing how people of all ages learn, play, […]

I Love Aardvark

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Yesterday, Anand, one of my friends, pinged me. He asked me to try out Aardvark. You can help a lot by being there, he said. I was curious and so I signed up. I found that there were already 8 of my Facebook friends on the network, people I respect. Today I spent some time […]