LinkLog: Programming

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From the food pyramid: for the journeyman programmer It is a great way to structure: Teaching Software Development Training new employees (the environmental training is equally important) A way to understand how developers do in various activities For each project move from bottom to top and repeat Other activities, like reading and writing about programming […]

LinkLog: Future of Learning

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This is from a blog about Stephen Downes seminar in Malaysia on how to use Web 2.0 tools for learning.  It has great links to lots of useful resources for both learners and teachers too. I especially liked the part about Future Learning Directions Learning as Creation Social Learning Personal Learning Environments Immersive Learning Living […]

Personal Research Agenda: A Cool Concept

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I came across Brad’s blog entry on Creating a Personal Research Agenda, an engrossing read. It seems to have triggered a few other comments including this one -which is summary list of topics. My current focus is more on teaching technology to students by making them create small useful products. Brad’s ideas and other similar […]