Web as a Personal Learning Center

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In a presentation to eLearning forum, Stephen does an amazing job of talking about the convergence of various technologies and trends. The Interactive Web according to Stephen is changing. From medium to platform From static to dynamic From a communication medium to a network of interactions, resources From centralized to distributed resource descriptions In addition […]

XML Everywhere

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In this outspoken, InfoWorld interview, Tim Bray covers a wide variety of subjects related to XML. Tim Bray, is one of the co-authors of the original XML specification. One of his most notable contributions is The Annotated XML Reference. In this interview he talks about everything XML – webservices, RSS, xml for data interchange, xml […]

My Job is to Live in the Future

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My job is to live in the future 20 years from today Mr. Moss, who is 56, expects that technology will change society more profoundly in the next 20 years than it has in the past 20, by easing the burden of aging and improving communication, health care and education. He is enticed, for example, […]

Mobile Applications – Some Stats

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From Handango Yardstick • Avg. number of applications purchased per order: 2.24 • Avg. selling price of mobile applications: $20.03 • Avg. selling price of digital media: $2.21 • Number of new mobile software vendors: 1,994 • Number of new mobile applications: 11,459 Just a few minutes ago I blogged about the growth of Mobile […]