Many Ways I Use Twitter

I am on and off on Twitter. But of late I am more on. Here is why. I found a bunch of uses of Twitter.

  1. As a bookmarking tool (I started using it in addition to
  2. As a source for instant tech info – I follow some cool dudes like Dave Winer, Robert Scoble, Jon Udell, Dion Hinchcliffe, eHub and zdnet. I get a lot more than what I can handle in any given day
  3. As a source of instant social news – I follow a bunch of friends and as the twit, I get hit
  4. As an idealog – I just started this. Throw out ideas and someone will respond. A quick validation. Previously I used to blog about it (takes too much time), write it down (forget where it is), put it in a wiki (again takes too much time). I know that I can take these idea stream and work on some of them at some point in time.
  5. I think some really cool stuff is happening with twitter as a collaboration tool. I followed Dion and team building a social graph app on Google engine (heard it through Dave’s posts)
  6. Talk to myself. Read-pause-reflect an eternal spiral.
  7. As a LearnLog (what did I do, why did I do it and when did I do it). Always amusing to see why work seems so much fun and after some time realize that you are kind of working but mostly having fun.

I think I will set some self imposed limits so that I do not become an addict. I haven’t figured out what they are yet. Here is my Twitter Account.

Update: The original title was Seven Ways I use Twitter. Then I though, why limit it? Why not keep adding new ones?

8. Purely for fun – it is kind of intoxicating

9. Just getting out “Ideas Worth Spreading” – a tag line of TED Talks, I love

10. As an advertisement for my blog? Mixed feelings about that.