AIML – Artificial Intelligence Markup Language

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AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML-compliant language that's easy to learn, and makes it possible for you to begin customizing an Alicebot or creating one from scratch within minutes. Its goal is to enable pattern-based, stimulus-response knowledge content to be served, received and processed on the Web and offline in the manner that […]

Web 2.0 Space – The New Idea Incubator

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The number of Web 2.0 applications are exploding. Several mashups are being built. Components for Google, arw on the rise. While keeping track of all these innovative products is pretty tough, we have help., technorati, slashdot let you discover them TechCrunch, Emily Chang, Jon Udell, Robert Scoble cover them Seomoz classifies them Some […]

What is Your Level of Awareness?

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One of the important aspects of building successful products is an extreme sense of awareness. Awareness about your product(s), your customers, your customer's customers, your competition, your segment of the industry and many others. In addition, you may also want to track short term and long term trends, new companies being funded and how they […]

Stimulating Thought

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A good list of books on Innovation from Innovation Book Club. Out of a list of 90 books related to innovation, the following were chosen by a group of avid readers and innovation practitioners as the reading list for 2006. It was a difficult choice but these 12 were chosen for their ability to stimulate […]

Relational Python

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In 1985, we wrote a small relational engine using Lattice C 2.0 on MS-DOS. It was a small team (about 4 of us) in Bangalore, India. We had no background on designing an SQL engine and the only source available to us was the "Introduction to Relational Database Systems" by C.J.Date. We took two decisions. […]

Internet – The Research Tool

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This is a topic of special interest to me. I have been fascinated by several aspects of using Internet as a Reseach Tool. Tracking information, ideas, trends is what we do as a company. So when I found this article about Internet as the Research Tool for Scientific Computing, I was curious. From 2020 Computing: […]

Microformats – Increasing Visibility

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Finally Microformats are getting the visibility they deserve. I found an excellent presentation about Microformats. Here are some thoughts about Microformats from Dave Orchard. Dave looks at the current state of Microformats and raises some interesting questions about tools, integration into web/blog creation tools and extensibility. He says: Microformats look really interesting. They give the […]

Why and What If?

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One of the most remarkable and fascinating articles on Why and What If Why do we need to have employees? Why do we need people to sell the product, if it is so good? Why do we measure performance by profit and growth? What if we measured success by the happiness of our partners and […]

Play to Learn

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This has been a recurring theme I heard about in the past couple of years. First from Clark Quinn who was working on a way to teach using games. Then from Werner Schaer, a friend of mine, who brought to my attention the research on Playing To Learn. I came across this article today on […]