Ideas From KCG Innovation Challenge

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We started with 40 ideas ( 5 each from 8 departments). After initial screening, we selected 16 ( 2 from each department) and had them present to an external jury. Here are a list of these ideas. we will award three top ideas. We will support many of these ideas turn to prototypes. Robotic sewage Cleaners Detecting […]

Linklog: Indian Product Innovation? Why Don’t We See Much?

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From The Limitations of Jugaad by Radhika Chaada Think of the R&D labs in India for Microsoft, Adobe, GE, or any other Western company. They are considered among the best within their parent companies – but only for solving pre-determined problems. The problems themselves are conceptualised and defined in the West. When I spoke to […]

Three Courses Every Engineering Institution Should Consider Adding

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In addition to teaching core engineering subjects, I think we need to add three (may be optional) courses. 1. Entrepreneurship 2. Learning and Thinking 3. Innovation The idea is to give students an appreciation of what entrepreneurship is all about. Students joining smaller start-ups learn every thing faster in the first few years (though may […]

A HeroCamp?

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I attended a BarCamp at Chennai last week. I forgot to turn off alerts to the barcamp pbwik and keep getting notifications of new barcamps  I got one on (Super)HeroCamp and it piqued my curiosity. It is one of the more innovative BarCamps I have seen in a while. Here is an excerpt titled “Smaller […]

Learning Agility

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I stumbled into IdeaCast from HBR a couple of weeks ago. First of all I love the title “IdeaCast”. You can’t pass up a pod-cast series with such a title. Like Knowledge@Wharton podcasts, this is an invaluable source of information. One of the pod-casts I listened to recently is about the Changing Role of Leaders. […]

Links: Emerging Technologies and Innovation

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I enjoy reading about how technology enables innovative solutions. Here are a list of some interesting links E-textiles to Monitor Your Health  Virginia Tech (VT) researchers have been busy developing efficient e-textiles — electronic textiles and clothing with embedded wires and sensors — for six years now. Their computerized clothing can monitor your movements, sensing […]