ReadLog: Launching a SaaS Company, CTO Coding and Order Matters in Software

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Here are a few entries from my readlog. 1. In Here’s How I Built and Launched a SaaS Company For Less Than $40k, Ryan Shank tells us how he built a SaaS product company in 6 months. Ryan describes: How he found a designer through Dribble (a community of designers) Created product requirements Designed deliverables Found a senior […]

Chatbots – What, Why, and How?

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What are Chatbots? What is all this rage about Chatbots?  Why are they popping up all over the tech news? Why are big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft jumping in and creating platforms and products? Let us start with a few descriptions from the Web. Wikipedia has a more elaborate description. A chatbot (also known […]