Seven Skills Students Need for Their Future

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Dr. Wagner has identified what he calls a “global achievement gap,” which is the leap between what even our best schools are teaching, and the must-have skills of the future: Critical thinking and problem-solving Collaboration across networks and leading by influence Agility and adaptability Initiative and entrepreneurialism Effective oral and written communication Accessing and analyzing […]

LinkLog: Collective Intelligence 2012

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We seek papers about behavior that is both collective and intelligent. By collective, we mean groups of individual actors, including, for example, people, computational agents, and organizations. By intelligent, we mean that the collective behavior of the group exhibits characteristics such as, for example, perception, learning, judgment, or problem solving. via With a fascinating […]

Daily Links May 20, 2011kill

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Source: Check page alerts, InfoMinder, Infostreams and Twitter Stream Top 75 College Education Tweets and Twitter Accounts  via @onlinecourse Unemployed, educated, and indebted, more Millennials seeking work beyond U.S via @onlinecourse Hacker Monthly  Hacker Monthly – checkout the special issue on startup stories. I found this via YC News and a @checkpage alert. Growing need for […]

The Sharing Economy

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The evolution of the social web, explains Botsman, first enabled programmers to share code (Linux), then allowed people to share their lives (Facebook), and most recently encouraged creators to share their content (YouTube). “Now we’re going into the fourth phase,” says Botsman, “where people are saying, ‘I can apply the same technology to share all […]