Impact of Cloud Computing – Part 2

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As Cloud Computing‘s adoption increases, it starts changing the way Businesses, Governments work. Here are a few links (one small sample) of how Cloud impact industries and governments. As it spreads, it will change the business models, IT delivery models and even the way governments (local and global) work together. There will be a few […]

Planning The Unplanned

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I found this really fascinating: All decisions involving uncertainty fall within two dis­tinct categories-those with contingencies, and those with­out. The latter are distinctly more difficult to deal with. Most decisions, and nearly all human interaction, can be incorporated into a contingencies model. For example, a President may start a war, a man may sell his […]

Learning Programming In a Classroom vs. Interning

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The difference between learning in a classroom vs. interning: In the classroom, you’re given projects that are meant to test what you already learned, rather than send you on an excursion to find out what’s possible. Further, you don’t usually have to form a meaningful discussion out of describing the technical details of your project […]

Trying to Create a Better Product? That Strategy is too Vague.

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From Law of Perception – Marketing for Geeks Ries and Trout say, “Marketing is not a battle of products, it’s a battle of perceptions.” Sometimes the best product does not win. However, Quite frequently, perception is merely an exaggeration of reality. I like this advice: Don’t try to create a “better” product. That strategy is too […]

Luck and Serendipity

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From Paul’s  Newsletter article – Success is for the lucky It doesn’t matter if the past 10 ideas you launched did well. It doesn’t matter if you have the best advisers on the planet. It especially doesn’t matter if you use an existing model that someone else has used with a ton of success. Paul talks […]

Skills For A New Age

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As technology becomes ubiquitous, it also replaces the need for certain skills. Is that good or bad? technology makes us both dumber and smarter.  In our technological age, we use machines to do many things we used to do for ourselves, so it shouldn’t be surprising that we’re getting worse at performing certain tasks.  We […]