A Lesson

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I mentioned a lecture on Emerging Technologies in MIT Courseware earlier. Here is a slide titled “Final Lesson”, part of the summation. This calls for a new kind of training. Teaching people the ability to adopt and use new technologies to do what they do better. Also teach them to understand how the technology will […]

Emerging Technologies Lecture

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I was searching for some  course ware  for Learning Point. The first natural place to visit was MIT OCW (Open Course Ware). Looking through some courses, I found this presentation on Emerging Technologies.  It contains a few slides on Predictions of the future by Ray Kurzweil. It is interesting to read predictions since they act […]

Problems Inspire Creativity

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I think problems inspire creativity. Some times the creativity results in art. This is the case with Santhosh, a student at BMA India, one of the most impressive institutions, I have come across. They have a great facility, with state of the art computer labs. I was there last week, giving a couple of talks. […]

Link As a Unit of Data

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From Danny’s Evolving the Link: Critics also pointed to the limitations of links that pointed in only one direction and were untyped. The Web’s success has to a large extent overridden these criticisms without really proving them wrong. Ironically, it now seems that many of the early criticisms weren’t exactly incorrect per se, but merely […]

Three Steps to Efficieny

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I was watching the video of Seven Habits of Highly Effective Text Editing. I am sucker for anything titled Seven Habits.  I use Vim (Vi improved). Vi was the first editor I started with on Unix and since there were DOS versions available, kept using it. So when I saw a session on Vim on […]

KML Moving Closer to a Standard

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This is one area where we can definitely benefit from a standard representation. The Open Geospatial Consortium has dubbed Google’s Keyhole Markup Language – the language used for developing Google Earth – a best practice and is working with Google and other OGC members including ESRI and Autodesk to make sure KML integrates well with […]

Brand is a Cause – a Guiding Light

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From Jonathan Schwartz’s blog: The saying goes, “a brand is a promise.” On a personal level, I’ve always felt that statement was incomplete. A promise is the lowest common denominator of a brand – it’s what people expect. Think of your favorite brand, whether search engine or sneaker or coffee shop or free software, and […]