India’s IT and ITeS Services

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From India Budget Services Sector: India’s IT and ITeS services with exponential growth are a unique export-led success story which has put India on the global map. While India has achieved a brand identity in this sector, other developing countries are trying to emulate India’s example. Besides its impact on growth (both direct and indirect), it is also a provider […]

Delhi, Bombay, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore – Top Cities in India

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According to Brookings Global Monitor: Economic growth data (real GDP per capita and employment change) for the largest 300 metropolitan economies worldwide for three periods: 2011 to 2012 Delhi did not experience a recession. It is outperforming India on employment change, but is lagging on GDP per capita change. Rank #13 Mumbai did not experience a recession. […]

Linklog: Indian Product Innovation? Why Don’t We See Much?

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From The Limitations of Jugaad by Radhika Chaada Think of the R&D labs in India for Microsoft, Adobe, GE, or any other Western company. They are considered among the best within their parent companies – but only for solving pre-determined problems. The problems themselves are conceptualised and defined in the West. When I spoke to […]

LinkLog: Japanese Envy India’s Schools

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I was surprised to see this article in today’s New York Times. Newspapers carry reports of Indian children memorizing multiplication tables far beyond nine times nine, the standard for young elementary students in Japan. I do recall even about 40 years ago, we were encouraged to memorize multiplication tables up to 20 times 20 (though […]