Apps and Gaps

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I was just reading Apps, Gaps and Equilibrium: Businesses and IT are facing a world of Apps, where the supply of technology vastly exceeds business demand or IT’s capacity to implement, integrate and operate.  The world of apps is a world of technology, as opposed to a world of gaps dominated by internal IT.  This […]

Perception And Reality

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This was a fascinating excerpt to read. Following this fragment of the discussion that took place more than 70 years ago required some thinking. Here is some context: It is not difficult to imagine a mind to which the sequence of things happens not in space but only in time like the sequence of notes […]

Rules of Product Management – Notes from the Book

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I am currently reading 42 Rules of Product Management. It is a great read and I highly recommend that you buy it. Notes: It is product management’s responsibility to identify customer problems worth solving. It is engineering’s role to identify technical solutions to those problems. Research helps you understand: Your customers, Your competitive marketplace, Competitors, […]

Can We Make Browsers Smarter?

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From the introduction of Webbots, Spiders and Screen Scrapers: The basic problem with browsers is that they’re manual tools. Your browser only downloads and renders websites: You still need to decide if the web page is relevant, if you’ve already seen the information it contains, or if you need to follow a link to another […]