Knowledge Maps

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I was browsing through facebook today (a facebook user visited my blog and I clicked on the incoming link to take a look). I found moneylet, a social bookmarking site for financial news. There was an item on Forbes report on the wealthiest men. More interesting, there was a of Knowledge Map of Warrren Buffet. […]

Vigorous Writing is Concise

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Vigorous Writing is Concise I borrowed this phrase from Jon Bentley, who in turn was quoting William Strunk Jr.’s observation in Elements of Style. Jon says that this is true in both English and Programming. In this chapter titled The Most Beautiful Code I never wrote, from the book Beautiful Code, Jon shows how you […]

Learning Learning and Thinking About Thinking

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From OLPC Wiki Children need to learn learning, which is primarily acquired through the passion that comes from access, the ability to make things, to communicate and to express. Writing a computer program, while seemingly esoteric, is in fact the closest a child can come to thinking about thinking. Likewise, debugging a program is the […]

LinkLog: Sep 24, 2007

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The Interrupt Driven Life I am on to about 5-7 such activities, myself with one or two primary ones that take up most of my time. Hacker News Just discovered it today. Through Reddit. Hype Cycle Technology Trigger ->Peak of Inflated Expectations ->Trough of Disillusionment ->Slope of Enlightment -> Plateau of Productivity – Could this […]

Recognizing Software Metaphors

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Chris Wood has a great blog post on Software Development Metaphors. He lists a set of software metaphors under broad categories like: Traditional Software Development Metaphors Software Development as a Factory Software Development as Engineeing Software Development as Model/Architecture Software Development as Workflow Process Radical Software Development Metaphors: Software Development as Craft Software Development as […]