bloglet: Collaboration to Advance Neuroinformatics

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Naren Ramakrishnan, associate professor of computer science, and his students will collaborate with K.P. Unnikrishnan, research scientist at the General Motors Research and Development Center, to create new algorithms that will process the massive amounts of data neuroscientists are now able to collect from the brain. Ramakrishnan and Unnikrishnan will be the co-directors of the […]

Getting Excited About Connections

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I have been active on Facebook the past couple of months. Forming groups, inviting friends, interacting. And I do a bit of the same on LinkedIn and Sulekha and in my Yahoo Groups and Google Groups (even though the social interactions in groups is limited). Is there a way to simply store my connections to […]

Ideas and Snowflakes

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A movement caught my attention. I suddenly looked up from my reading. I could see a few snowflakes falling. I watched with fascination. As I was watching, they started disappearing. It is almost turning into light rain. What is the life of a snow flake? A few seconds? A few minutes? Where does it end […]

Eye-ball Centric Web Apps

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Kingsley Idehen in Why we need Linked Data. The Data Web is about Presence over Eyeballs due to the following realities: Eyeballs are input devices for a DNA based processing system (Humans). The aforementioned processing system can reason very well, but simply cannot effectively process masses of data or information Widgets offer little value long […]

How Can We Make Development Fun?

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 From Web bots, spiders and screen scrapers: Without a little fun, it’s easy for developers to get bored and conclude that software is simply a sequence of instructions that do the same thing every time a program runs. While predictability makes software dependable, it also makes it tiresome to write. This is especially true for […]

Programming Language Popularity

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Thanks to a link from, I found this fascinating study today. It is different from TIOBE Programming Community Index. This study looks at programming language popularity from the following angles: Search results Job listings from Craig’s list Book counts from Amazon Open source projects from Freshmeat Bookmarks on Finally the data is normalized, […]