Wealth Hidden in Infinite Niches

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I am glad I am on Twitter. I don’t post relentlessly in this medium. I do keep my presence alive and mostly enjoy the connections. Once in a while a good thing happens. Some one you don’t know connects to you. You don’t know why they did, so you go out to check their profile, […]

Relentless Predator Upon the Obsolete

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…a combination of relentless predator upon the obsolete and benevolent solver of the world’s problems. As ways of making money go, that’s pretty good. Startups are often ruthless competitors, but they’re competing in a game won by making what people want. This is such a cool way to think about startups. I like the image […]

We Don’t Pay Attention to Boring Things

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I am sure no one disagrees with that one. This is one of the Tweleve Brain Rules from Dr. John Medina. If you are in education, you are in the business of brain development. If you are leadinga  modern corporation, you need to know how brains work. Here is the site (just following rule #5 […]

Understanding Expertise

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Have you watched an expert at work? You can sense  a level of comfort and fluency. I often watch expert programmers code, debug, fix problems in software.  I get the same sense watching painting shows on TV. A stroke here, a stroke there and suddenly you have a beautiful creation taking shape, right in front […]

Wikis and Knowlets – A Concept Web for Knowledge Representation

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Stumbled upon this site today. Seems to be taking the wiki based collaboration one level higher. Wikiprofessional’s Concept Web Initiative is a global collaboration to innovate how knowledge is represented and expanded on the Internet. Knowlets The Knowlet summarizes the relations between the concepts and presents the strength of the relationship based on a value […]