Booklog: Typical Sales Mistakes

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Seven Fatal Sales Mistakes from Predictable Revenue, covers typical mistakes companies make. Not Taking Responsibility for Understanding Sales & Lead Generation Thinking Account Executives Should Prospect Assuming Channels Will Sell for You Talent Fumbles (Hiring, Training, Incenting) Thinking “Product-Out,” not “Customer-In” Sloppy Tracking and Measurement Command-and-Control Management Bonus: Under-investing in Customer Success This chapter answers several […]

LinkLog: Project Underblog

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From Why we are here? how blogging has become too focused on stats, SEO reach, followers, numbers, and gaining “popularity” when it should be focused on building the bonds of community…a community that values and supports you and shares camaraderie with you when you succeed or fail. I shared how I wanted a place where the voice and […]

What Got You Hooked With Programming Computers?

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From the book Getting Started with Processing: Programming courses typically focus on structure and theory first. Anything visual—an interface, an animation—is considered a dessert to be enjoyed only after finishing your vegetables, usually several weeks of studying algorithms and methods. Over the years, we have watched many friends try to take such courses and drop out after […]

Meetings That Fork Your Life

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When we get together with others, even at a weekly meeting, it either works, or it doesn’t. Seth’s blog post got me reflecting. I remember a few meetings that changed my life. Some of these were one on one  meetings  and some of these were gatherings like conferences and other events. Some changed my career (No. They were […]

Great Reads: Cyclical Tools

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Every tool should nourish the things upon which it depends. We see this principle at varying levels in some of our tools today. I call them cyclical tools. The iPhone empowers the developer ecosystem that helps drive its adoption. A bike strengthens the person who pedals it. Open-source software educates its potential contributors. A hallmark […]