UnImaginative Marketing

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I loved this fragment from Copy Blogger: Unimaginative marketers attempt to stand out with message frequency, or by exchanging bribes for attention (resulting in an explosion of Facebook contests and giveaways, among other tactics). You can’t survive by shouting the loudest and relying solely on anachronistic interruption marketing. You can’t proclaim you’re featuring the “biggest […]

Marketing Plans

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From How To Market Your Business: I am not suggesting thirty pages of wild hopes, but most small firms should welcome the discipline of a couple of pages setting out: what sales need to be achieved as a break-even; what main segments should be targeted; a short list of key accounts or potential heavy users; […]

Progressive Profiling

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From Hubspot’s  How to Use Your customer Data to Recharge Your Marketing: The best way to collect the right information is to use progressive profiling. Progressive profiling allows you to control which questions appear on a form based on what you already know about a lead. That way, each time a lead fills out a […]