InfoStream: Multi-core

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How SonicWall Scaled Multicore Barriers How SonicWall Scaled Multicore Barriers How multicore processors can provide a big win Parallel Processing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Parallel Processing and Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software that helps engineers in the manufacturing or prototyping of product components OpenMP Workshop Presentations Online OpenMP Workshop Presentations Online 5th International Workshop on OpenMP, IWOMP 2009, […]

InfoMinder Alerts – 20th Oct 2008

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Some interesting links I got through my InfoMinder Alerts today. I will just add a teaser for each entry. Some of these are blogs. Others are announcements or wiki links. The Future of Enterprise Software We are at the beginning of a massive shift from client-server to web-based software in the enterprise. ┬áThis move will […]

Book: Software Pipelines and Multi-core Revolution

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I like receiving email/rss streams on new books in tech. It is one of my tools for tracking technology trends. Here is title from an O’Reilly Safari service, Software Pipelines: The Key to capitalizing on multi-core revolution, that caught my attention. Software Pipelines is a new architecture that specifically addresses the problem of using parallel […]