Multiplying the Multipliers

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Reading Amund Tveit’s Blog reminded me of Doug’s ABC model of capability improvement. Amund talks about the importance of software and a few ideas on how to multiply the multipliers. the only point I want to make is that software is extremely important :). And since software has a multiplicative effect that few other technologies […]

LinkLog: What Kind of Software Would People Actually Pay For?

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A great blog post and a discussion thread on reddit. Some snippets (read the blog for a very insightful discussion): Software that re-defines a category (Google and Amazon come to mind) Software that saves businesses (and individuals) money (figuring out the benefits to your customer) Software that helps business earn more money (making it compelling) […]


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I had a chance to address a group of software developers recently. I had about ten minutes to describe one of our recent research labs – the broad goals and a road map. It was fun. More fun was the question, I was asked, in the end. What would you have done if there are […]