Good Time to be a Programmer

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Curt Cagle, an XML specialist has a nice piece on the the Web 2.0 Job Boom. Curt thinks that there is a coming tech crunch. There aren’t enough programmers to go around. Simple supply and demand … wages are beginning to rise pretty dramatically again, top people in the field have to get social secretaries […]

E27 Summit

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Gaurav Oberoi is a family friend. I dropped him off at Stanford today where his company BillMonk was one of the exhibitors at E27 Summit. Gaurav was excited about the event. It is nice to read about these small companies and their ideas. I know that Gaurav and Chuck quit Amazon a few months ago […]

RFID Growth

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Doug Southerland talks about the expected explosive growth of RFID, some potential application and early adopters. Many technologies need to be in place for this to happen. Here is my attempt at summarizing it. Resources: tags on RFID Technorati links and blogs on RFID Complex Event Processing

Learn to Like Yourself

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Hind Sights by Guy Kawasaki. Each one of these insights merit a blog post, in its own right. Guy’s “Let the good times roll by” is must read for every enterpreneur. Remember these ten things: if just one of them helps you helps just one of you, this speech will have been a success: #10: […]

Jobs Involving Interactions

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In this multi-part series, McKinsey & Company taks about the importance of Interactions for the evolution of companies of the future. Currently, jobs that involve participating in interactions rather than extracting raw materials or making finished goods account for more than 80 percent of all employment in the United States. And jobs involving the most […]

Blogs as back-up Brain

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Bill Ives is a KM guru. He is a prolific writer and the author of the book Blogs For Business. Bill makes a great contribution to both the blogging community and KM community with this post and podcast. Blog is a new tool for Personal KM. “the use of blogs for personal knowledge management, or […]